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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Biological Sciences

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Alvin F. Rieck



The thyroid hormones have been considered to participate in the regulation of energy metabolism and growth and development. Although much is known about anuran metamorphosis, there has been no explanation of the means by which the thyroid hormones act to regulate the processes of development and growth. The possibility that a metabolic effect underlies the metamorphic process has provided the basis for numerous speculations on the nature of the metamorphic change. It was felt that a comparison of whole animal oxygen consumption and specific tissue oxidative activity after treatment with thyroxine and its specific analogues might elucidate the morphogenic response in tadpoles. The drugs used were: thyroxine (T4), 3,5,3' Triiodothyronine (T3), 3,5,3' Trilodothyroacetic acid (TRIAC) and 3,5,3' Triiodothyroproprionic acid (TRIPROP).



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