Date of Award


Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

James M. Fujimoto

Second Advisor

John P. Kampine


In previous publications we reported that morphine is secreted by the organic base transport system of the renal tubular cells of the chicken, and that morphine is metabolized by the chicken kidney to morphine-3-ethereal sulfate (MES), an organic acid (May et al., 1967; Fujimoto and Haarstad, 1969. The present study was undertaken to investigate the mechanisms of transport of MES. We have clearly demonstrated that exogenous MES is secreted by the acid transport system. On the other hand, when morphine is infused and MES is synthesized within renal cells, probenecid does not interfere with MES excretion. These results allow us to conclude that the acid transport (probenecid sensitive) system for MES is located only on the peritubular side. A preliminary report on this work has been presented (May and Fujimoto, 1968).



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