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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Curtis Dollins

Second Advisor

Robert B. Nordberg

Third Advisor

John M. Ivanoff


Many attempts have been made to delineate those factors that discriminate between employment and unemployment among the mentally retarded. The research ranges from utilization of age: to socio-economic status, to personality, to intelligence, and covers the alphabet from A to Z. In all attempts, little of a positive nature has been derived to be of use in the counseling process with mentally retarded individuals. The research in this paper emerged from the conception that there are certain indices that will predict employability and where these can be assessed, a useful counseling index will be provided. Dynamically, why are some mentally retarded individuals within the prescribed age grouping unable to obtain and maintain employment, while others seemingly far attenuated in measured intelligence and achievement are able to obtain and maintain employment?



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