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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

James H. Robb

Second Advisor

Lottie H. Kendzierski

Third Advisor

Beatrice H. Zedler

Fourth Advisor

Paul Byrne

Fifth Advisor

Marc F. Griebach


This paper is both an investigation of W.T. Stace's views on explanation of facts and an evaluation of them. The investigation of these views includes not only a consideration of their foundations in Stace's metaphysics and theory of knowledge, but also an inquiry into his most sustained application of them, in his account of mystical experience. The evaluation, besides inquiring into the adequacy and correctness of his positions, presents an account of explanation of facts by way of necessary conditions, which account accords with State's views in some ways, though not in all. Since Stace may be an unfamiliar figure, personally and philosophically, it seems appropriate to give a brief sketch of his life and works. Following this, the contents of this paper are stated in brief outline.



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