Date of Award

Spring 1976

Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

DeRoche, Edmund F.

Second Advisor

Bernert, Roman

Third Advisor

Stankowski, M. W.


There is a close relationship between motivation and learning. Recent experimental investigations have examined the attitudinal effects of matching teaching styles and instruction environments with student's cognitive styles. One such area of studies utilizes the conceptual framework of the educational sciences developed by Joseph Hill of Oakland Community College. Statement of the Problem. There is a need to further investigate those areas which have potential for guiding applications in the classroom which will lead to increased motivation of students. This study investigated whether teachers can be equipped with procedures of matching instruction to students' cognitive styles for the purpose of increasing motivation. Three research hypotheses were established for the study. Research Hypothesis I: The motivational level of students in the experimental classes will change by a significant amount. Research Hypothesis II: The number of experimental classes a student attends affects the change in motivational level. Research Hypothesis III: Differences among the various cognitive styles affect the motivational levels of students...



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