Date of Award

Fall 1992

Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Fox, Robert

Second Advisor

Platz, Donald

Third Advisor

Franzoi, Steven


Recent research and theory development have emphasized the importance of the role of early parent-child interaction in the etiology of emotional, cognitive, and social problems in children (Ainsworth, 1979; Bee et al., 1982; Bell,_1968; Belsky, 1981, 1984; Stroufe & Rutter, 1984). Further, the significance of the family in child development is now reflected in public policy and legislation (Krauss, 1990). Therefore, a necessary and expanding role of the school psychologist is comprehensive individualized assessment of and intervention with the young child in the context of the family (Bailey et al., 1986; Crowell, Feldman, & Ginsberg, 1988; Odom, 1988; Widerstrom, Mowder, & Willis, 1989; Wilson, 1986). Clearly, in addition to the more traditional domains of intellectual, self-help, language, motor, social, and readiness skills, school psychologists must address family functioning...



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