Date of Award

Fall 1985

Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Thom, Carl G.

Second Advisor

Martin, Thomas

Third Advisor

Myerson, Joel


The purpose of this study was to replicate, refine and extend previous investigations of management style and its relationship to organizational effectiveness. Principals' and teachers' perceptions of their school management systems were compared to determine if congruence of perception would be associated with effective teacher behavior. The association between high scores on Likert's management system continuum and the presence of behaviors related to teacher effectiveness was investigated. When teachers' mean scores on management style were correlated by school with the mean of students' scores on teacher effectiveness, no significant relationship was found. A difference between principals' and teachers' perceptions of management style was noted at the trend level, and a breakdown by gender revealed that male principals' self-ratings were significantly higher than the ratings of them by their teachers. No significant relationship was found between congruence of perception and teacher effectiveness. Female principals were rated significantly more participatory than the male principals by their teachers. No significant difference was found between the ratings by male and female teachers of their principals, but male principals tended to rate themselves higher on management style than did female principals.



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