Date of Award

Fall 1989

Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Bogenschild, Erika G.

Second Advisor

Martin, Thomas

Third Advisor

Platz, Donald


Students dropping out of high school create a loss of resource for future problem solving. Evidence indicates that a significant number are dropping out of school due to conflict with the educational system. This study investigated the characteristics of learning styles of potential dropouts as well as their ability and that of their teachers to predict student styles. Evidence of common characteristics could encourage intervening steps to make the educational system compatible with the learning styles of potential dropouts. This study drew information from students and teachers in mid-size public high schools in suburban areas of southeast Wisconsin. Students were identified by schools as "at risk" of dropping out and met the criteria for Wisconsin's "At Risk" Initiative. Data was collected through the Gregorc Style Delineator plus Teacher and Student Surveys based on Butler's student Guide to Style. The research addressed patterns of learning (styles in teacher and student populations and the abilities of teachers and students to predict student styles. Data revealed randomness among students tended to appear more frequently than in a normal population. The high level of intensity and significance of random-related constructs and qualities in potential dropouts in this study is of greatest import, however...



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