Date of Award

Summer 2000

Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Pink, William

Second Advisor

Augenstein, John

Third Advisor

Schweizer, Heidi


Technology in education brings with it it's own set of ideals and emotions. Mentioning technology within our schools generates strong feelings, either pro or con. Differences in personal experiences and comfort level provide the base of our expectations regarding the use of technology in our schools and with our own children. This study provides the reader an opportunity to look at the theoretical connections, models, planning, challenges, and benefits of technology in the classroom through a cross-case analysis of two Blue Ribbon Schools that earned special recognition for their use of technology in 1996-97. While these schools were, and still are, viewed as having successful programs, the study looks at how technology was used then, and is used now. The goal of this study is not to supply the reader with a template that is to be used at any school in any city, but to allow the reader to carefully consider the elements present within a program that is working in a certain school, in a certain city. The literature review was constructed with data collected over the past three years. The case study portion was conducted over the period of the 1999-2000 school year. Data sources included interviews, site visits, review of relevant public documents, photographs, observations, and continuous e-mail interaction with key participants. In addition to gaining insight and information about two specific schools, I was fortunate to network with a multitude of silent participants and informants nation wide. My use of email and Internet sites were major factors in the gathering of initial data for this study.



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