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Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Biological Sciences

First Advisor

Sally Hennen

Second Advisor

Ellen M. Rasch

Third Advisor

William F. Millington

Fourth Advisor

Eugene L. Vigil

Fifth Advisor

Alapati Krishnakumaran


Chapter l. Ultrastructural changes during oogenesis of normal and mutant Mexican axolotls: Ambystoma mexicanum.

Chapter II. Nucleocytoplasmic transport of ribonucleoprotein during oocyte differentiation in the Mexican axolotl: Ambystoma mexicanum

Chapter III. Effects of actinomycin D on previtellogenic diplotene axolotl oocytes

Chapter IV. Cytochrome oxidase deficiency during the development of amphibian nucleocytoplasmic hybrid embryos



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