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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Robert B. Nordberg

Second Advisor

Erika G. Bogenschild

Third Advisor

Mark K. Kipfmueller

Fourth Advisor

Nick J. Topetzes

Fifth Advisor

Raymond J. McCall


In 1916, Elliot Joslin (p. 327) published his advice, "Grow thin and laugh longer," unaware of how popular his belief would become. Today, most communities have the very visible jogger tennis player, Weight Watcher, TOPS group member, and the neighborhood health-food store. There are strong social pressures to conform and slim down. Medical statistics add impact by informing us continually of the dangers of obesity. But, how does one attempt such an arduous and often unrewarding task with a minimum of discomfort and a high degree of success?

Anxiety and its relevancy to obesity are explored in the present study. Information regarding measurable anxiety in relation to weight change was obtained, and constructs for an effective obesity-control program were developed. The primary goal was to improve the length and quality of human life.



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