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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Joan Kung

Second Advisor

William E. Dooley

Third Advisor

John K. Oh

Fourth Advisor

Marc F. Griesbach

Fifth Advisor

Curtis L. Carter


In this monograph, I advance my interpretation of the view that Plato held in the Cratylus about the question of the correctness of names . Interpreting an ancient text such as the Cratylus is always a delicate matter: our temporal, cultural, and linguistic separation from it only compounds the usual difficulties that accompany the responsible analysis of philosophical texts which are nearer to us in time and which are written in our own language. With this point in mind , I offer here a few preliminary comments regarding procedural matters that bear on my interpretation of t he Cratylus. My remarks fall roughly under two headings: (1) procedure for dealing with the Greek text, and (2) the date of the Cratylus.




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