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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Daniel C Maguire

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William Kurz

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Patrick W. Casey


Biblical studies and Christian social ethics often appear to be distinct, even divergent, disciplines despite the centrality of each to Christian faith. Generally, a
hiatus exists between them and few scholarly works actually relate Scripture and Christian ethics. This dissertation examines the constellation of issues involved in relating Scripture and Christian ethics. In so doing, the works of Walter Rauschenbusch provide the primary focus. His writings are exceptions to the usual divergence between scriptural and ethical studies; moreover, they present viable norms for using Scripture in Christian moral reflection. By identifying and bringing Rauschenbusch's insights to the fore, one can better appreciate not only his works as history but also their role in guiding contemporary efforts to unite the two disciplines. I am pleased to acknowledge the following persons who contributed so much to the completion of this project.



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