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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Robert P. Hay

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Ralph E. Weber

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John D. Krugler


The existence of an identifiable American nationalism after the War of 1812 is the subject of numerous historical studies. The historiography of American nationalism before that war consists, however, of comparatively few published or unpublished works. Research into the role(s) newspapers and their editors may have had in the promotion of nationalistic sentiments across the United States for the half-century pre-dating 1826, particularly the years 1776-1812, is virtually non-existent. The dearth of such inquiries and the traditional emphases historians have placed on the era's public schools as promoters of nationalism have resulted in a~ almost total slighting of newspaper editors' contributions to the expression of nationalistic sentiments within the United States during the first fifty years following independence. Both public and private schools were relatively scarce, particularly as compared with newspapers. Consequently, this dissertation focuses on the journalistic institution and those among its leaders who articulated nationalism and nationalistic sentiments.



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