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Philip Rossi

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Paul Misner


The subject of this dissertation, Roman Catholic / Atheist dialogue, is decidedly unusual. Although believers and non-believers have spent significant energy talking about one another, few have exerted themselves in talking with one an­ other. Though reasons for this are many and various, knowing them only supplies an explanation for the situation and not an excuse.

Attempts at Roman catholic/Atheist dialogue present a number of very interesting and important academic issues. This dissertation addresses some of them and is intended to promote further discussion in academic circles. But it has pastoral implications as well. Atheism continues to proli­ferate -not militant atheism perhaps, but unbelief born of indifference and fed by the patent unreasonableness of fundamentalism in all its forms. Once this trend is more fully appreciated, the problems entailed in dialogue with atheism will certainly attract greater interest among theologians. If this dissertation provides a vehicle either for promoting or advancing that dialogue, then the effort to produce it will have been amply rewarded.



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