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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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John Augenstein

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Thomas Martin

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A. Dupris


The purpose of this investigation was to conduct an integrative assessment of the proposed causal multivariate relationship to determine if department supervisory system(s) influences conflict which in turn influences job satisfaction of teachers. The theoretical foundation for the causal ordering of variables in the model is based on research in educational administration, sociology, and industrial psychology. This investigation also attempted to establish an understanding of specific leader behaviors in the supervisory system as the impact conflict and satisfaction. Instrumentation consisted of the Job Description Questionnaire to measure role conflict and role ambiguity, a Profile of a School adaptation to measure supervisory system (leader behaviors): leadership, motivation, decision making, influence, goal setting, and communication; the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (short form) to measure internal and external satisfaction, and the Demographic Information Form to measure teacher demographics. The sample consisted of 185 teachers in 15 departments from two high schools in DuPage County, Illinois. Data were analyzed using LISREL VI to test if the data fit the model. The Supervisory System-Conflict-Satisfaction Path Model was confirmed with a goodness of fit index of.910, a Chi-square with 33df = 94.88 (chi-square degrees of freedom ratio = 2.875), p =.0001. The major findings of this study were: (1) the supervisor's leadership behaviors play a major part in influencing the perceived conflict of subordinates, (2) perceived conflict is causal to job satisfaction, (3) leader behaviors, in terms of supervisory system, are the major source of subordinate perceived conflict and, in turn, subordinate perceived job satisfaction. Implications of the study to education, leadership research, and future model testing were discussed.



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