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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Albert Jache

Second Advisor

Jack Peterson

Third Advisor

Raymond Kipp

Fourth Advisor

Charles Wilkie

Fifth Advisor

Michael A. McKinney


A great deal of concern has been shown recently about establishing concentration limits for pollutants to protect human health. Virtually all legislation concerning these pollutant limits is written in terms of the outdoor air. However the average person spends the majority of his time indoors. Amazingly little research has been done on levels of these pollutants indoors. Determining relationships between indoor and outdoor pollutant concentrations such as their ventilation rate is essential. Equally important is locating indoor sources of pollutants. Once sources are located, the fate of the pollutant gases must be known. "Sinks" for the pollutant gases as well as their decomposition rates must be investigated. This study was designed to provide some new insights into these very important problems.



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