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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Paul Y. Feng

Second Advisor

Max S. Matheson

Third Advisor

Norman E. Hoffman

Fourth Advisor

Thomas C. Ehlert

Fifth Advisor

Michael A. McKinney


Little work has been done at high dose rates in radiation chemistry, and it seems therefore desirable to test whether our accumulation of knowledge of kinetics and reactions in radiation chemistry is adequate to explain experimental results for a system such as aqueous monochloroacetate under extreme conditions of dose rate. Therefore, radiolysis of dilute aqueous monochloroacetic acid solutions at high dose rates is studied and the observed G values of the chloride ions thus produced are found to be absorbed dose, solute concentration, dose rate, pulse length and pH dependent. These can be explained by the competition of the interactions between various reactive species and the reactions between these reactive species and solute. The experimental results are compared with those obtained from rigorous (computerized) kinetic calculations based on a detailed mechanism deduced for the system by the author. In addition, two electron scavengers, N2O and O2, are also used for further investigation of the system and the unique roles of oxygen in the radiolysis of dilute monochloroacetate solutions at pH-7 are also discussed.



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