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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

W. Taylor Stevenson

Second Advisor

Robert M. Doran

Third Advisor

Matthew L. Lamb

Fourth Advisor

Keith J. Egan

Fifth Advisor

Coert Rylaarsdam


The problem this dissertation focuses on is this: Does Wolfhart Pannenberg have a theology of image and imagination? In order to answer this question an investigative procedure is used. Four key areas of Pannenberg's theology are examined in order to discern the content and nature of his treatment of image and imagination in them. These four areas are: anthropology, Christology, eschatology, and methodology. A chapter is devoted to each of these subjects. In the chapter on Pannenberg's methodology a set of criteria is developed by which to judge what factors are necessary in order to make the assertion that Pannenberg has a theology of some given subject. In the final chapter these criteria are applied to image and imagination; this results in the affirmative assertion that Pannenberg does indeed have a theology of image and imagination.



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