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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Nicholas J. Topetzes

Second Advisor

Mark K. Kipfmueller

Third Advisor

Glenn E. Tagatz

Fourth Advisor

William J. Erpenbach


In recent years a shortage of school counselors has been observed in Wisconsin, especially in the inner-city schools ans some outlying areas of the state. This shortage has been evidenced by: (a) the number of requests for temporary certification in school counseling for persons not meeting this certification requirement; (b) the number of job openings still posted during the school year, and (c) the comments of school district administrators.

Apparently many certificated counselors were not taking positions in the schools as evidenced by the certification files. There were 2,120 individuals holding certificates issued by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, but only 1,468 of these individuals were employed as school counselors.

This study was initiated in an effort to determine the reasons for certificated individuals not taking the available positions in the schools. In addition, several other areas were explored such as counselor training, in-service and pre-service, certification requirements, and counselor demand.



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