Date of Award


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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Norman E. Hoffman

Second Advisor

Michael A. McKinney

Third Advisor

Michael D. Ryan

Fourth Advisor

Darryl D. Siemer


The occurrence of a fairly constant renal lesion (lower nephron nephrosis), associated clinically with hemoglobinuria and eventual anuria, in a wide variety of medical and surgical conditions, has occasioned this ·re-evaluation of the kidney changes in murine haemobartonellosis. It was felt that, since hemoglobinuria, secondary to a profound hemolytic anemia, is a prominent feature of haemobartonellosis, the two conditions might be fundamentally similar and that a critical analysis of the pathologic changes in this disease might throw further light on the human counterpart. The study was carried further to include an evaluation of the effects of renal decompression on the renal lesions since this form of therapy is commonly employed in the treatment of lower nephron nephrosis.



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