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Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Thomas K. Ishii

Second Advisor

Smio Tani

Third Advisor

Jan K. Sedivy

Fourth Advisor

Joseph H. Battocletti

Fifth Advisor

Alfred P. Szews


The present state of the art of existing efficient antennas is such that they occupy a large physical space in terms of their length in the phase domain. The objective of this dissertation is the investigation into developing an efficient and physically compact antenna in the space phase domain. An antenna of an edge-like structure has been designed. The effectiveness of this structure has been confirmed experimentally and theoretically. The antenna structure is a resonating toroidal cavity with a circular resonant slot gap. The structure is designed to produce a magnetic frill at the gap of it's circular opening. The donut shape magnetic frill produces the same radiation field as that produced by a dipole antenna. The design purpose of circular resonant slot gap is to bypass a toroidal coil's self-shielding effect known as the "toroidal effect". Direct coupling to the radiation field was the goal and there is in fact a patent (Reggia & Jones:United States Patent 4,051,480) that has been granted for a similar but not like structure. The dissertation's antenna structure has several new or improved features over Reggia and Jone's design. They are as follows:

1. Means of tuning the structure after assembly.

2. Means of lowering or raising the operating frequency by means of inductive or capacitive loading.

3. Lower operating frequency vs structure size.

4. Means of generating a uniform angular electromagnetic field by a toroidal cavity structure.

5. Means by transformer coupling and resonance to change the impedance as seen by the generating source.



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