Date of Award

Spring 2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Clinical Psychology

First Advisor

Gerdes, Alyson C.

Second Advisor

Torres, Lucas

Third Advisor

Saunders, Steve


The current study examined the impact of teacher engagement in psychosocial treatment for Latino youth with ADHD and their families. Participants included sixty-one Latino youth, along with their primary caregiver and teacher. Results revealed that teachers were equally engaged in treatment regardless of the source of the referral to treatment, a finding which is encouraging as it indicates that teachers were motivated to work with their students and families. Additionally, results indicated that referral source and specific aspects of teacher engagement in treatment were related to certain child and parent/family treatment outcomes. Of note, several aspects of teacher engagement in treatment were related to maternal satisfaction with treatment and follow-up analyses identified referral source as a significant predictor of maternal satisfaction with treatment. These findings indicate that higher quality teacher intervention implementation, characterized by greater adherence to intervention components and higher-quality relationships, is related to enhanced child and parent treatment outcomes in the Latino population. Clinical implications and directions for future research also are discussed.