Date of Award

Spring 1942

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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Biological Sciences


Among the first important work on the development of the spore sac and the sporogenous cells in the ferns was that of Goebel (1887) who described the formation of the archesporium and the tapetum in some homosporous Filicales. Kundig (1888) corrected certain errors in Goebel's work, and together with Carl Muller (1893) gave the proper interpretation of its development. According to these investigators, a large tetrahedral cell is produced in the young sporangium, and the tapetum is cut off by periclinal divisions on all sides of this cell. The cell in the center of the spore sac which is the primary archesporal cell, will give rise by several divisions to the sporogenous tissue...



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