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Martin Luther's Wartburg Correspondence


Martin Luther's Wartburg Correspondence


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Developed in conjunction with a Spring 2018 graduate assistantship for the Digital Scholarship Lab at Marquette University’s Raynor Memorial Library, The Wartburg Letters analyzes Luther’s correspondence while he was in exile at Wartburg Castle (1521–22). Each letter has been marked for its content, including the individuals and events that Luther references. With the help of Palladio, a data visualization tool developed by Stanford’s Humanities + Design, these letters can be analyzed in a variety of ways. They can be mapped according to the geographical and thematic relationships between Luther and his correspondents. Additionally, the data can be collated differently, allowing for particular themes or concerns to be traced throughout the ten-month period. The Wartburg Letters gives a rare glimpse into this integral period of the early Reformation, allowing for Luther’s thoughts and experiences to be explored from multiple perspectives.

Publication Date

Spring 2018

Martin Luther's Wartburg Correspondence