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25 p.

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Fall 2012


Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics

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Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics

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In this interview, Professor Davis discusses the evolution of his career and research interests as a philosopher-economist and gives his perspective on a number of important issues in the field. He argues that historians and methodologists of economics should be engaged in the practice of economics, and that historians should be more open to philosophical analysis of the content of economic ideas. He suggests that the history of recent economics is a particularly fruitful and important area for research exactly because it is an open-ended story that is very relevant to understanding the underlying concerns and concepts of contemporary economics. He discusses his engagement with heterodox economics schools, and their engagement with a rapidly changing mainstream economics. He argues that the theory of the individual is “the central philosophical issue in economics” and discusses his extensive contributions to the issue.


Published version. Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, Vol. 5, No. 2 (Autumn 2012): 81-105. Publisher Link. Copyright over all articles remains with the Wells, Thomas and David, John and so they are free to share and place on ePublications@Marqutte the complete published version of their article.

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