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The Economics of Social Institutions

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This volume includes thirty-six important contributions to the economics of social institutions by leading figures in the history of the field. Its nine Parts are: Early Contributions, Methodological and Conceptual Issues, Old Institutionalism, New Institutionalism, Social Costs, Growth and Development, Institutions and Change, Institutions and Organizations, and The Third Sphere of the Economy and Institutions. This set of topics provides a comprehensive review of the origins and development of the economics of social institutions. It addresses the main theoretical and policy concerns that have occupied contributors to the approach. The economics of social institutions has a been well-established research program for over a century, and continues to evolve and develop new areas of investigation. This collection provides researchers, scholars, and interested students and extensive review of the leading contributions to the subject. It can be used to advance future thinking about the economics of social institutions and as a key resource for university teaching and education.


Published version. "Introduction," in The Economics of Social Institutions. Eds. John B. Davis and Asimina Christoforou. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2013: xiii-xxxv. Publisher Link. © 2013 Edward Elgar Publishing. Used with permission.

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