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Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education

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Journal of Jesuit Business Education

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In an attempt to engage Jesuit business school students in transformational learning, Marquette University offers the Applied Global Business Learning (AGBL) Program. This program embodies the Ignatian pedagogy paradigm of helping students gain an understanding of a business need in a different part of the world, engages them in action, and has them reflect on and evaluate the experience as it relates to how they take the experience to change the world. This paper discusses the program’s relation to the Jesuit tradition, the history of the program including where students go and what they do, the impact on student learning, and its contribution to the ways in which Jesuit institutions promote and support students as change agents upon graduation.


Published version. Journal of Jesuit Business Education, Vol. 11, No. 1 (September 2, 2020): 109-121. Publisher link. © 2020 Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education. Used with permission.

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