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ECON 4075 The Economics of Religion

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ECON 4075. The Economics of Religion 3 sem. hrs. Explores how the tools of modern economic analysis, theoretical and empirical, can be used to better understand issues central to religious behavior and participation. Hence, the primary objective is to gain a better understanding of the breadth and application of economic concepts (the student learned in principles and intermediate courses) using the markets for religion as a vehicle for analysis. The secondary objective is to better understand the functioning of the religious markets: Why do individuals allocate time and money to religious activities? How do they determine the allocation between the two? Why are there so many denominations in the United States? Why are some churches very large and others very small? Why do predominately Protestant nations grow faster than predominately Catholic nations? How does religious participation affect individual attitudes toward trust, trade and immigration? Prereq: ECON 2003 and ECON 2004

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