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Oxford Handbook of Methods in Positive Psychology

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Hope has been discussed by philosophers, theologians, educators, and scientists, to name but a few groups of people, over the preceding two millennia. During the last 15 years, C. R. Snyder and his colleagues at the University of Kansas have developed a theory and associated measures of the hope construct that have received extensive, detailed attention both within and outside the field of psychology. In this chapter, we describe Snyder's hope model and some of the research findings that have supported the validity of this construct. Beginning with a conceptual definition of hope, we move to relevant findings about the usefulness of hope in the lives of individuals in various life arenas. We describe measures developed for assessing hope in children and adults, as well as current issues associated with the validity of hope measurement. Finally, we discuss future directions for further investigation of hope.


Published version. "Understanding Hope: A Review of Measurement and Construct Validity Research," in Oxford Handbook of Methods in Positive Psychology, edited by Anthony D. Ong, Manfred H. M. van Dulmen. New York: Oxford University Press, 2007: 83-95. Publisher link. © 2007 Oxford University Press. Used with permission.

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