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The Oxford Handbook of Hope

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This chapter explores hope theory, measurement (i.e., Children’s Hope Scale and Adult Dispositional Hope Scale), and research with regard to diverse racial and ethnic groups. Utilizing a cultural context lens, a case study of a Latina adolescent without documentation is used to illustrate how culture influences goals, obstacles, agency, and pathways. Research about the equivalence of hope across groups, including racial and ethnic groups within the United States as well as in other countries, is reviewed. The chapter concludes with a summary of findings regarding hope measurement and hope theory as they apply to various cultural groups and suggestions for future research in the field.


Published version. "A Cultural Context Lens of Hope," in The Oxford Handbook of Hopeedited by Matthew W. Gallagher and Shane J. Lopez. New York Oxford University Press [2018]: 95-106. Publisher link. © 2018 Oxford University Press. Used with permission.

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