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Training and Education in Professional Psychology

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The proper role of research skills and training to conduct research in professional psychology education has been controversial throughout the history of the field. An extensive effort was undertaken recently to address that issue and identify ways the field might move forward in a more unified manner. In 2015, the American Psychological Association (APA) Board of Educational Affairs convened a task force to address one of the recommendations made by the Health Service Psychology Education Collaborative in 2013. That recommendation stated that the education and training of health service psychologists (HSPs) include an integrative approach to science and practice that incorporates scientific-mindedness, training in research skills, and goes well beyond merely “consuming” research findings. The task force subsequently developed recommendations related to the centrality of science competencies for HSPs and how these competencies extend beyond training in evidence-based practice. This article discusses the findings of the task force and the implications of its recommendations for education and training in HSP. The challenges and opportunities associated with implementing these recommendations in HSP graduate programs are examined.


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