Design and Modeling of a Reversible 3-Phase to 6-Phase Induction Motor for Improved Survivability

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Conference Proceeding



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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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2011 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting

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In this investigation, a design has been developed for a 6-phase induction machine, which is based on an existing 3-phase design. This approach involves reconfiguration of an existing 3-phase induction machine into a 6-phase winding design using the same stator core lamination structure. This redesigned motor was simulated, using a time-stepping finite-element (TSFE) technique, under open-loop controller operation with different types of phase-loss scenarios such as loss of adjacent phases and the loss of nonadjacent phases. A comparative analysis of the motor performance, under these various phase-loss conditions of the 6-phase configuration versus the healthy 6-phase case, is presented. The analysis of the torque-ripple content with the help of current-space vector concepts was used. The results show that the ripple content in the torque is found to be a much lesser problem for the 6-phase configuration in comparison to the 3-phase configuration under phase-loss conditions.


Published as part of the proceedings of the conference, 2011 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting, 2011. DOI.