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American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)

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2016 ASEE Midwest Section Conference


We describe the implementation and outcomes of the Arduino based electrical engineering and computer engineering (EECE) module, which is integrated within the "Engineering Discovery 1" course taken by all computer, electrical and mechanical engineering freshmen at Marquette University. Because a significant number of students enrolled in this course have not yet chosen a specific engineering major, one of the goals of the EECE module is to provide experiential learning activities designed to be engaging and fun while presenting important electrical and computer engineering concepts to attract and motivate undecided students to select electrical or computer engineering as their major. In addition, these activities are intended to retain those students who have already declared an electrical or computer engineering major as well as to give them a taste what's to come. Data and student feedback indicate that the new EECE module was received very positively as it stirred increased interest into EECE and motivated students to be proactive. In the future, we plan to double the duration of the module and thus expand it to cover an even larger spectrum of EECE topics.


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