Dynamic Simulation of Radially Oriented Permanent Magnet-Type Electronically Operated Synchronous Machines with Parameters Obtained from Finite Element Field Solutions

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Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications

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A dynamic model for simulation of the transient interaction between radially oriented permanent magnet-type synchronous machines and their corresponding transistorized current source power conditioners is presented. Some key machine parameters used in this dynamic model were obtained from finite element field solutions. This dynamic model was used to obtain the transient interaction between a 15-hp samarium cobalt radially oriented permanent magnet electronically operated synchronous machine and its corresponding power conditioner. This machine was constructed for electric vehicle propulsion. Excellent correlation between various digitally simulated and actual test current and voltage waveforms, in various branches of the machine-conditioner network, has been achieved. These results are given. This modeling approach is applied to machines during the design stage, where the finite element modeling is the only way to obtain the necessary machine parameters for dynamic simulation. It is shown how such a combination of the computer-aided design tools can help in prevention of design mis-judgements that can prove costly to remedy once the hardware is in place. This is done through an actual design example of an additional machine being manufactured for electric propulsion applications.


IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, (Vol.: IA-18, No. 2 (March 1982): 172-182. DOI.

Nabeel A. Demerdash was affiliated with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University at the time of publication.