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Optical Society of America

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Optics Express

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A hardware implementation of a real-time compressed-domain image acquisition system is demonstrated. The system performs front-end computational imaging, whereby the inner product between an image and an arbitrarily-specified mask is implemented in silicon. The acquisition system is based on an intelligent readout integrated circuit (iROIC) that is capable of providing independent bias voltages to individual detectors, which enables implementation of spatial multiplication with any prescribed mask through a bias-controlled response-modulation mechanism. The modulated pixels are summed up in the image grabber to generate the compressed samples, namely aperture-coded coefficients, of an image. A rigorous bias-selection algorithm is presented to the readout circuit, which exploits the bias-dependent nature of the imager’s responsivity. Proven functionality of the hardware in transform coding compressed image acquisition, silicon-level compressive sampling, in pixel nonuniformity correction and hardware-level implementation of region-based enhancement is demonstrated.


Accepted version. Optics Express, Vol. 25, No. 4 (2017): 4076-4096. DOI. © 2017 Optical Society of America. Used with permission.

Majeed M. Hayat was affiliated with University of New Mexico at the time of publication.

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