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IET Power Electronics

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In this study, a sensorless hybrid control scheme for brushless direct current (BLDC) motors for use in multirotor aerial vehicles is introduced. In such applications, the control scheme must satisfy high-performance demands for a wide range of rotor speeds and must be robust to motor parameter uncertainties and measurement noise. The proposed controller combines field-oriented control (FOC) and direct torque control (DTC) techniques to take benefit of the advantages offered by each of these techniques individually. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme over a wide range of rotor speeds as well as good robustness against parameter uncertainties within -5to + 10% for inductance and -5to + 5% for resistance parameters. The proposed hybrid controller is robust also against noise in voltage and current measurements. In order to verify the results from simulation, the proposed hybrid controller is implemented in hardware using the TI C2000 Piccolo Launchpad and TI BOOSTXL-DRV8305EVM BoosterPack. Testing is done with a Bull Running motor typically used in aerial drones. Testing experiments demonstrate that the hybrid controller reduces the rotor speed ripple when compared to DTC while operating in steady-state mode and decreases the response time to desired speed changes when compared to FOC.


Accepted version. IET Power Electronics, Vol. 12, No. 3 (March 07, 2019): 438-449. DOI. © 2019 IEEE. Used with permission.

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