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Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

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Conference Record of the 2005 Industry Applications Conference

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Previous analytical work has shown that it is possible to design surface PM (SPM) machines using fractional-slot concentrated windings to achieve wide speed ranges of constant power operation by satisfying the optimal flux-weakening condition. This paper presents a 6 kW 36-slot/30-pole concentrated winding prototype SPM machine that has been designed using a closed-form analytical technique developed specifically for this class of machines. Experimental testing of this machine has been carried out to determine its performance capabilities, including flux-weakening operation. Detailed comparisons between analytical, finite element analysis (FEA), and experimental results are presented that confirm the ability of fractional-slot concentrated winding SPM machines to achieve their high-speed operating objectives. Important issues including the machine's back-emf voltage at top speed, eddy current losses in the magnets, and inverter performance are analyzed and discussed in detail.


Accepted version. "Experimental Verification of Optimal Flux Weakening in Surface PM Machines Using Concentrated Windings," Published as a part of the conference, Conference Record of the 2005 Industry Applications Conference, (October 2005). DOI. © 2005 Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Used with permission.

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