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Before coming to Marquette, I doubted I would ever experience any serious, difficult, or even significant interactions with the impoverished in the community. I struggled to see any purpose in “wasting my time” to learn about the Milwaukee and the homeless people in it. Sure, I knew they would be around campus; but, would it really be that difficult to avoid helping someone I don’t know or trust? Thankfully, as I began to immerse myself in the Milwaukee community, new perspectives and experiences quickly replaced my ignorant attitudes and preconceived notions. And, as a long-term volunteer, I have shared in many meaningful conversations with fellow students and community residents. These conversations, though, brought serious, significant questions to my mind. I became increasingly intrigued, wondering about the Milwaukee community’s perceptions of Marquette and of student perceptions of our Milwaukee neighbors. I began to question certain Marquette ideals – is it a reality to “be the difference?” Can we actually define ourselves with the phrase “We are Marquette, We are Milwaukee? From these initial questions, I discerned the primary research question and correlating sub-questions for this project: What is the relationship between Marquette and Milwaukee? How can we transform this relationship into a more effective partnership?

Publication Date

Fall 2012


Marquette University, Marquette Bubble, Milwaukee, partnership, racial dynamics, relationships, community, community service, volunteer work, inhibitions


A poster and paper completed for English 3210. Access to this poster and paper are available at Marquette University only.

We Are Marquette. Are We Milwaukee? An Ethnographic Examination of the Potential Relationship Between Marquette University and Milwaukee