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Being the first person in your family to attend college comes with many questions and concerns regarding the expectations and the process. From my research I have seen that there are embedded issues within the advising programs and the presumed “already” know attitude that is in the air when first-gen students are on campus. One may not know that some first-gen students come to Marquette with having to Google everything down to what you need for a basic dorm room. My goal of this project is therefore defined as, how can Marquette University better aid and acknowledge the first generation college students that come to this institution in the advising program and within their overall time period at Marquette? The data collected is narrowed down into the first hand interviews, the current situation at Marquette and then the proposed solutions to the current issues facing Marquette and first-gen students.

Publication Date

Fall 2012


A New Legacy, first generation college students, first-gens, access to knowledge, advising


Social and Cultural Anthropology


A poster and paper completed for English 3210. Access to this poster and paper are available at Marquette University only.

A New Legacy: First-Generation College Students and their Access to Knowledge at Marquette