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As a freshman, I decided to rush a sorority, but I was completely unaware of the dynamics of this new community. The Greek system is promoted on campus as a unified group of people through advertisements displaying messages such as “Go Greek!” during the recruitment process. However, this unified image is not always the case. The five Panhellenic chapters found on Marquette’s campus that participate in formal recruitment, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Phi, Alpha Xi Delta, Sigma Kappa, and Pi Beta Phi, all have different personalities and qualities among members. As a part of the sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, and a member of the larger Greek community, I can say that the relationships that exist between sororities is unfriendly and competitive.

Publication Date

Fall 2012


inter-sorority relations, intergroup relations, in-group, out-group, competition, friendship, perception, identity, rivalry


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Rethinking Greek Week: How Competition Influences Inter-Sorority Relationships