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As members of the Wisconsin Delta Pi Beta Phi sorority at Marquette University, we are highly invested in our organizations presence on campus. As members of a social sorority, we have been exposed to the many negative assumptions associated with Greek Life as a whole. The focus of our research project is to illuminate the less explored, yet numerous positive aspects of being in a sorority. Through interviews, polls, and research, we have found that those who are involved in Greek Life see the positive benefits, while those who are not involved do not. We also found that those who even considered being involved in Greek life, were deterred by the culture. We learned that more needs to be done to integrate the Marquette Community with the Greek Community. In this project, we will propose several ideas to improve the relationship between these communities, which ultimately will lead to a more cohesive campus.

Publication Date

Spring 2013


Sorority, Fraternity, Greek life, college, university, greek, unity, Marquette, Higher Education, Stereotypes


A poster and paper completed for English 3210. Access to this poster and paper are available at Marquette University only.

Coexistence: Calling for a Cohesive Campus