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What’s wrong with being a feminist? I found myself asking this question many times and that is what led me to conduct my research project. I wanted to delve deeper into the subject and find out how feminism was perceived within a contemporary college campus such as Marquette University. I conducted interviews, observation fieldnotes, and drew information from secondary sources to complete this project. It was only after I analyzed the data that had I collected that I came up with the conclusion that many people within a contemporary college setting have limited knowledge on the subject and therefore perceive it negatively. It is for this reason that I proposed that Marquette incorporate more readily available resources pertaining to feminism and other gender studies as well as add classes that provide information on the topic.

Publication Date

Spring 2015


Feminism, Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, Women and Gender Studies Program, Feminist movements, Pro-feminism, Meninists, Women in social settings, Gender Stigmas


A poster and paper completed for English 3210. Access to this poster and paper are available at Marquette University only.

How Is Feminism Really Viewed?