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With a foundation in Levinas' pseudo-ethical philosophy of the Phenomena of the Face, this project provided a definition of human dignity and considered whether or not the Marquette University community practices a common respect for human dignity in everyday interactions on the streets of Marquette campus -- focusing in on Wisconsin Avenue due to its constant traffic of both Marquette University students and faculty and Milwaukee community members. This project observed typical day to day interactions that occur while walking around Marquette University's campus with a specific emphasis on how people affiliated with Marquette University react to other Marquette community members as well as members of the Milwaukee community on campus. Ultimately, the research sought to consider the level of awareness Marquette affiliates have upon the subject of human dignity and calls for we as a university to raise awareness about the necessity and nuances of human dignity in everyday interactions.

Publication Date

Spring 2015


Levinas, Face, Interaction, Everyday Interaction, Philosophy, Human Dignity, Dignity, Milwaukee Community


A poster and paper completed for English 3210.

Will You Look Me in the Eye? The Embrace and Denial of Human Dignity on Marquette Campus