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When touring Marquette as a prospective student, the tour guides seem to always tell you all the good things about the campus itself, but they seem to leave out the part that the students here completely isolate themselves from the rest of the Milwaukee community. Students have created a way to become an exclusive clique within the city of Milwaukee. We have become a clique in a sense that, even though we live in the same neighborhoods and occupy the same streets, unless you are affiliated with Marquette you are an outsider. Even the word outsider is a bit conservative when talking about the members of the community. Marquette students seem to have this notion that the members of the Milwaukee community are intruding on our territory. We have even heard many students say that we should have a gate around campus. But why do students feel this way? This closed community created on the small campus is known as the “Marquette Bubble”. The thing about the “Marquette Bubble” is that even though students have appeared to unknowingly create this phenomenon, it has altered student perceptions about City of Milwaukee and its community. Due to the local area around campus, students develop a negative perception of the Milwaukee community, and the closed community on campus is then reinforced. But because this closed community is reinforced by this negative perception, students are less likely to go out in Milwaukee and experience all that it has to offer and other, more positive parts of the community. A tragic paradox has developed, with the “Marquette Bubble” right at the heart of it. This paradigm on Marquette University campus is inhibiting students from getting off campus, cornering itself off from the rest of the city, and limiting its students from being more of a part and interacting with the rest of the Milwaukee community.

Publication Date

Spring 2015


Marquette Bubble, Safety, Milwaukee community, Milwaukee, Marquette’s campus, Student Perception, Off Campus, Student Safety


A poster and paper completed for English 3210. Access to this poster and paper are available at Marquette University only.

Marquette University: Giving Private School A New Meaning