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What has Marquette done to keep you healthy during your time in college? While Marquette offers full physical, mental and spiritual health services, we see a severe lack in the services surrounding the sexual health of students. Inspired by studies ranking Marquette as one of the least sexually healthy universities in the nation, I decided to look a little deeper into the actual policies we have surrounding this on campus. Unsurprisingly, I came up with very little. This project looks into administration’s role in devising policies surrounding sexual health on campus. Looking toward the future, what can we do to make Marquette a healthier and safer campus for all students? Real changes need to be made on campus to offer students comprehensive information and resources.

Publication Date

Fall 2016


sexual health, college students, Catholicism, education, contraceptives, birth control, STI, STD, college, university, sexuality, safe sex, Marquette University

Misconceptions About Contraception: Sexual Health at Marquette University