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As an Iowa native, I often find myself surprised at the lack of representation from my home state, despite being from the Midwest. This led me to looking deeper into Marquette admissions, and ask the question, how does Marquette draw from different areas of the country? By using a mixed-method qualitative study, I was able to look into student motivations in selecting Marquette recruitment strategies of the Admissions Office, and trends in enrollment from archives and institutional data. Knowing the impact of geographic diversity on a college campus can have numerous benefits, and create a sense of inclusivity on campus. By researching geographic diversity at Marquette’s campus, I hope to find ways to increase not just geographic diversity, but better understand how this ties into all forms of diversity. By gaining this understanding, our university can better recognize how to continue to recruit a wide range of students from all places and backgrounds.

Publication Date

Fall 2016


Marquette University, admissions, geographic diversity, undergraduate, perspective student, recruitment, cultural geography, student motivations

Come One, Come All: Exploring Geographical Diversity at Marquette University