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This project delves into relations between Marquette University and the Milwaukee community, analyzes potential issues, and suggests proposals for continued change. Through field observations, multiple interviews, and wide scholarly research, I've ascertained that Marquette University, a school long-deemed isolationist and elite, is at a pivotal point in their community engagement. While Marquette shows efforts toward more meaningful community engagement, these efforts could fall short, especially if not continually cultivated. For Marquette to signal sustained and deep investment in community engagement, I propose an awareness campaign, more open and honest discussion about current tensions, and more purposeful actions of Marquette to truly become part of and integrated with Milwaukee.

Publication Date

Spring 2017


Community engagement, Jesuit, Jesuit principles, Jesuit values, Marquette University, Milwaukee, alliance, classism, community service, elitism, ethnography, isolationism, perceptions, racism, responsibility, tension, university-community tension, urban, urban community, urban crisis, urban flight, urban isolation, urban relations, urban relationships, urban university, white flight

Crossing 21st and State: Marquette-Milwaukee Relations