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This paper examines the drinking behaviors of underclass students at Marquette University, which includes freshman and sophomore students. This mixed-methodological study looks into the highly popular, yet extremely dangerous college drinking trend that encourages students to consume large amounts of alcohol in short amounts of time through personal interviews, a student survey and other university research and papers. “Students participating in the binge-drinking trend can be observed in up to forty percent of college students nationwide,” (O’Malley & Johnston, 2002). Dangerous drinking behaviors like binge-drinking, pre-gaming and especially drinking in large quantities, have taken a more prominent role in students’ lives this past fall—particularly with those students in the residence halls. Through this research, it has become evident that safer drinking behaviors start with social acceptance and influence, and that true change cannot occur until students begin to take responsibility and be accountable for their dangerous actions.

Publication Date

Fall 2011


A paper completed for English 3210. Access to this paper is available at Marquette University only.

It’s Dangerous: Binge-, High-Risk and Pre-Gaming Drinking Behaviors Among Underclass Students