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This essay, “He Said, She Said: The Boy’s Own Paper and The Girl’s Own Paper,” analyzes the difference in newspapers geared toward children of the nineteenth century. Gender roles were prominent in England, where the newspapers were in print, and it was quite evident not only by their appearance but their content that girls and boys had two very different expectations in life. As women were expected to get an education and grow up quickly with their newly-found “power,” men were instead challenged to stay young and continue to explore life. In closing, this essay will examine The Girl’s Own Paper and The Boy’s Own Paper in an attempt to contrast the two and show how, although published for a common theory, they had two different goals in mind.


A research paper completed for English 4710. This is an advanced undergraduate course focused on the study of a particular genre and its ability to articulate meaning in historical, social, and/or literary contexts. This paper is part of the Children's Literature genre series.